The Oz faction was established in 1998 by a group of heads of worker committees under the leadership of Haim Katz, the secretary of the Israel Aircraft Industries labor union. Establishing Oz expressed a true revolution in the Histadrut (labor federation), since Oz was based on faith in the workers' ability and need for self-representation. Self-representation would serve them better than any politico wheeler-dealer could. The establishment of Oz was a natural progression to the successful struggle of the workers' committees in 1995 in order to secure pensions for Israeli employees.

Oz came into being in order to revolutionize the Histadrut – to take it from the parties and place it into the hands of the workers. Oz represents hundreds of thousands of employed workers in Israel that are struggling to protect their status on the following issues:

◘Worsening of pension conditions

◘ Privatization programs

◘ spreading of employment by contractors, with no social conditions or protections

◘ Erosion of the status of workers in comparison with tycoons

◘ Erosion of salary

In addition, Oz was founded to fight for improvement of the workers' status, for their rights to earn a living with dignity and to enjoy dividends from the fruits of their labors in companies that they invest their best years in. Oz opposes transfer of control of the companies between the tycoons without including the employees in the profits derived directly from their efforts to those companies.


1998 Elections

In the 1998 elections the Oz list was voted into the Histadrut and became the second most powerful faction in the organization. Oz joined the coalition and founded a renewed department of social security (since none of the parties had seen pensions as being important) Oz was appointed substitute to the chairman of the professional union department and took it upon itself to act on the employees' behalf in their struggle. Following a serious difference of opinion in Histadrut policy, Oz joined the opposition and waged a stubborn struggle against the Histadrut leadership of that time.


2002 Elections

Oz continued to gain strength as second most powerful faction in the Histradrut. Despite that accomplishment, Oz decided to stay in the opposition and continue the struggle against the image of the Histadrut. In spite of the fact that the faction had no official standing for the entire term; Oz continued to act on many issues, facilitating and managing struggles of principles concerning the Israeli public and helping to facilitate legal

representation for individuals.


2007 and 2012 Elections

During these elections, Oz combines with Ofer Eini (head of the Histadrut labor federation) who adopted major parts of the Oz worldview. Currently Oz is part of the coalition and the Chairman of the faction, Zvi Gutweter, acts as substitute Chairman of the Histadrut. Oz continues to act in advancing ideological and practical issues for the welfare of employees and pensions of Israel. Ilan Vikelman is the acting secretary and coordinator of activity of the faction.

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